Synthetic Bitzer BSE 170 10l oil

Brand: Bitzer
Product Code: Синтетичне масло Bitzer BSE 170 10л
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Bitzer BSE 170 synthetic polyester POE oil is recommended for use in hermetic (VSK), semi-hermetic (CSH, HS) and open (OS) Bitzer screw compressors operating with R134a, R404A, R507, R407C, R410A refrigerant. 10l canister The price is per liter.
Bitzer Brand
Type of oil synthetic (POE)
Volume 10 L
Density at 15 ° С 974 kg / m3
Viscosity at 40 ° C 170 mm2 / s
Viscosity at 100 ° C 17.2 mm2 / s
Flash point 275 ° C
Pour point -30 ° C
Water content <30 ppm
Factory code 91511504
Country producer Germany
Description Synthetic Bitzer BSE 170 oil 5l
BITZER BSE - a series of synthetic oils designed to meet the demand for refrigeration oils in the future.

The BITZER BSE refrigeration oils are made from synthetic esters and are specifically designed for non-chlorinated refrigerants R134a, R404A, R507, R407C, R410A. Unlike conventional refrigerants, alternative, environmentally friendly refrigerants have a polar structure. This means that the new product requires a different treatment compared to mineral-based oils or traditional synthetic refrigeration oils. Comparative analyzes show good compatibility of BITZER BSE with sealing materials used in the refrigeration industry.

BITZER BSE refrigeration oils are recommended for all refrigeration systems using polar, non-chlorine refrigerants like R134a or R404A, as well as for enhanced cooling of systems using R 23. BITZER BSE oils are recommended for use in hermetic, semi-hermetic and open piston and screw compressors .

Due to the high polarity, BITZER BSE oils have higher hygroscopicity than mineral-based oils and synthetic hydrocarbons. Therefore, during charging with these oils in factories, the contact of the oils with air should be minimal. Open containers should be used within one business day.

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