Payment & Delivery

The main office of the city of Dnepr

(056) 722 23 18

Branch in Kiev

(044) 400 04 31

Branch in Khmelnytsky

(098) 223 25 55

We perform delivery of freon all over Ukraine!

EcoFrost logistics system is optimized for improving efficiency and better customer service. Supply chain of EcoFrost refrigerants consists of:

  • Logistics center in Dnipropetrovs’k
  • Transshipment hub
  • Transport companies
  • National delivery services
  • Regional warehouses in Kyiv and Khmelnitsky

Extensive EcoFrost warehouse structure provides an opportunity to deliver the goods all over the territory of Ukraine, herein with the guarantee storage of about 150t. Logistics center with a total area of 2000m2 is designed to store up to 1500t of goods.

Due to the fact that we have tight partnership with the most Ukrainian courier services, we are able to deliver the orders of our customers throughout the country!

Our coopertion with trasposting companies provides our customers with exclusive conditions of goods delivery at the lowest prices