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Technical details:
t0 = -5 ° C, tkon = 45 ° C, R507A, Cooling capacity - 10.5 kW,
t0 = -25 ° C, tkon = 45 ° C, R507A, Cooling capacity - 4.50 kW,
Volume capacity - 16.24 m3 / h, Power supply: 400 V / 3f / 50 Hz, Oil - Bitzer BSE 32

Bitzer launched new semi-hermetic compressors for R134a:

increase in energy efficiency of medium-temperature refrigeration systems by up to 20% compared with traditional systems on R404A.

extended range of low condensation temperatures.

Bitzer presents the new semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors of the BITZER ECOLINE series, optimized for use with R134a. The new series has improved up to 20% energy efficiency and is specifically designed for medium temperature refrigeration. As part of Bitzer's contribution to creating environmentally safe technologies, we are introducing a series of new compressors designed for R134a, developed on the basis of the well-known and exceptionally successful OCTAGON and B5 / B6 compressors on the market.

The scope of application of a new series of compressors has been expanded towards low condensing temperatures, as a result of which an improvement in COP coefficient of more than 30% can be achieved under appropriate conditions. This leads to significant energy savings and cost savings.

The intended use of the BITZER ECOLINE compressor series is shop refrigeration systems, cold supply systems for butchers, bakeries and catering companies, and others. The series consists of 12 models ranging from 35 to 150 m³ / h at 50 Hz. All models are great for controlling performance by varying the speed of rotation of the compressor shaft. The version with motor 2 for medium temperature applications is designed in such a way that you can use a frequency converter in the range up to 70 Hz even with a standard electric motor.

Both the owner of the refrigeration unit and the environment will benefit from the economic and environmental benefits of the new series. Compared to the traditional R404A medium temperature system, a significant reduction in operating costs has been proven due to reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs and refrigerant leakage. Therefore, many European and Australian retailers have already switched to R134a.

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