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Emerson Climate Technologies has launched the Stream semi-hermetic reciprocating piston compressor family. The Stream family includes devices with the support of various technologies: a model range of compressors with 4 and 6 cylinders, which operate on the basis of modern most common HFC refrigerants; model range of semi-hermetic Digital compressors with the possibility of simple smooth capacity control; and also the model range intended for transcritical CO2 cycles. All models support CoreSense ™ Diagnostics, which provides advanced features for compressor protection and fault diagnosis.

AHEN, GERMANY, January 9, 2012 - Emerson Climate Technologies starts the new 2012 year with good news: the production of the Stream family, a new model range of semi-hermetic Copeland® compressors for use in industry and commerce, has begun. The new model range is based on modern technologies, which are the result of constant investment in research and development. This model range allows you to meet the demands of the commercial sector, where effective, reliable, low-noise and environmentally friendly cooling systems are required.

Efficient operation with any refrigerant
Emerson engineers managed to combine the existing design and modern technology and create a new range of compressors with 4 and 6 cylinders, including 16 models for HFC refrigerants. Eight of these devices support Digital Dimming. This model range provides cooling capacity in the range from 33 to 80 kW for medium temperatures and from 11 to 28 kW for low temperatures (refrigerant R404A). In addition, refrigerants R134a and R407A / C are supported. At the same time the compressor is the most efficient among all available on the market. Maintaining multiple refrigerants on the same compressor without reducing efficiency is an important and unique advantage. It was achieved thanks to Discus’s proprietary valve technology from Emerson. Compared to other semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, this technology provides an increase in productivity by 10% for R404A refrigerant.

Choice between two performance management solutions
Performance regulation helps reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. For the first time, contractors and installers have a choice between two different performance control technologies: frequency or digital. All Stream compressors are available with frequency control capability. In addition, Stream Digital models support an additional smooth control method. Digital regulation is the easiest and most accurate method of regulating performance, allowing you to reduce capital costs. The compressor always operates at a constant speed of rotation of the shaft, which allows to solve problems associated with the return of oil and mechanical and electrical loads on the system.

The quietest compressor on the market
The Stream series is one of the quietest reciprocating compressors on the market. The successful design made it possible to reduce the noise level by up to 7 dBA compared to the previous generation of compressors, depending on the models and application. However, even the “quietest” compressors do not always meet stringent noise requirements, for example, in urban environments. Therefore, it is possible to install a new noise-protective casing on the Stream compressors, which allows to further reduce the noise level by 15 dBA.

Stream for natural refrigerants
In addition to models using HFC refrigerants, 3 models for transcritical R744 (CO2) conditions provide cooling capacity in the range from 20 to 37 kW. It is the ideal solution for medium temperature cascade and booster systems that are combined with Emerson's ZO scroll compressor model range for subcritical CO2 cycles. Stream models for CO2 are available with the possibility of frequency control of performance, the design pressure for them is 135 bar. Refrigerant flow and heat transfer are optimized for maximum efficiency.

Intelligent compressor
All compressor models in the Stream family support CoreSense ™ Diagnostics, an electronic module that provides enhanced compressor protection and diagnostics, which can increase system reliability, reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment life. CoreSense ™ technology allows service engineers to diagnose faults much faster and even prevent them from occurring. This makes it possible to keep the cooling systems in optimum condition for the entire life cycle. The diagnostic module stores information about the equipment and advanced information about the operation of the compressor. You can also monitor the performance of individual compressors.

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