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HG Series Single Stage Compressors

Cooling capacity: R404 / R507
Tkip = -5С, Tkond. = 40С, Q = 71 042W
Tkip = -25C, Tkond. = 40C, Q = 29 684W

The HG series is a classic suction gas cooled compressors, in accordance with the latest technology.

- improbable convenience of operation
- efficiency and reliability with the highest quality
- ease of maintenance, for example: the possibility of replacing the drive motors
- oil pump with lubrication system
- the device of protection of the Boc MP10 motor with the LED indicator
- suitable for traditional or non-chlorine refrigerants HFKW

HG ... e
In e-series compressors, these are models with increased efficiency.
Thanks to technical improvements, indicators such as power consumption, engine efficiency, gas flow and efficiency of the valve system have been significantly improved.

HG ... P
Offering the Pluscom series, we provide you with low-capacity compressors for commercial premises and counters that are convenient for installation thanks to their compact dimensions, which have a smooth flow and high quality.
Special technology: The system of stepless speed control using a special technological solution, installed directly on the compressor frequency converter (optional).

Refrigeration equipment, heat exchangers, automation, spare parts, fans.

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