Refrigerant R 600a

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Brief characteristics

Packing: disposable cylinder  13,6 kg
Molecular weight, g / mol 102,31
Boiling Point (101.3 kPa), ° C -26,05
Freezing temperature (101.3 kPa), ° C -
Critical temperature, ° C 101,5
Critical pressure, MPa 4,06
Tetrafluorethane CH2FCF3


Brief description

• Type - the one-component gas 
• Chemical formula - CF3CFH2 
• Chemical name - tetrafluoroethane 
• Symbolic designation - R134a 
• Trade name - R134a, Freon R134a, Freon R134, R134 refrigerant 
• Hazard Class - IV (Harmful chemicals to the human body) 
• MPC RZ - 3000 mg/m3

Chemical properties

Freon R134a - combustible, non-toxic, colorless liquefied gas under pressure. On contact with hot surfaces and flame producing highly decomposed products, such as hydrogen fluoride (I hazard class). When mixed with air to form explosive mixtures. R134a is widely used as a substitute for R12 refrigerant in the refrigeration equipment operating in medium temperature range. R134a is characterized by high discharge temperature and relatively low values ​​of vapor pressure.

Areas of application

• Refrigerant in automobile air conditioners, domestic refrigerators, commercial refrigeration equipment, air conditioning systems in buildings and industrial areas.

Storage and transportation

• Store in a dry ventilated place at temperatures not exceeding 52 ° C.

• Do not expose to direct sunlight, open flame or electric heaters.

• Transportation can be carried by all modes.


Physical properties

Molecular weight, g / mol 102,03
Boiling Point (101.3 kPa), ° C -26,10
Freezing temperature (101.3 kPa), ° C -96,60
Critical temperature, ° C 101,1
Critical pressure, MPa 4,06
Vapor pressure at 25 ° C, mPas 0,665
Density, kg/m3 1206
Critical density, kg/m3 538,5
Viscosity (at 25 ° C), mPa · s 0,197
Heat of vaporization at boiling, kJ / kg 215,9
Global warming potential for 100 years (GWP) 1300


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