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Controller MPXPRO MX30M25H (O, R) 0 Master of all options, E2V driver
MPXPRO series controllers are designed to manage refrigerated display cabinets and freezers. These ..
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Electronic Expansion Valve E2V; 12 mm, Multipack
Electronic Expansion Valve E2V; 16 mm, Multipack ..
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Electronic Expansion Valve E2V; 12 mm, Multipack
Electronic Expansion Valve E2V; 12 mm, Multipack ..
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MPXone S1M0004W0B060 basic version for mortise mounting, 24 V supply, white display, relay outputs 16 A, 8 A, 5 A, 5 A, with connectors
MPXone extends and upgrades the MPX range of products for the control of multiplex refrigeration uni..
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CAREL equipment - a tangible difference

The company is not just engaged in the production of individual devices. Our understanding and assessment of the entire installation as a whole makes it possible to design and produce innovative and energy-efficient solutions. A wide range of manufactured equipment is used in various fields.

From sterile rooms to data centers (DPCs), from supermarkets to paper mills, hospitals, business centers and museums - our electronic controllers, humidifiers, valves, sensors and monitoring systems are everywhere used, provide complete and integrated control, as well as significantly reduce power consumption.

Having been engaged in the development of climate and refrigeration equipment for more than 40 years, we can offer the most advanced technologies for the entire installation in the complex. Our integrated control systems improve the efficiency of the entire installation. Not only the proposed equipment, but also all the experience and professionalism, all this is dedicated to one goal - improving the efficiency of plants.

The results are visible in reducing energy consumption through the use of innovative developments and new features.