About Us

"Quality is our priority" - the main motto of the company proved by the day-to-day work of our team of professionals. This is the main asset leading to success.

Our partners can count on us as a reliable partner, who is able to realize their expectations. It is proved by the open partnership relations, in-time delivery, efficient workflow system, responsibility for all the activity at each stage of the business processes.

Company philosophy is determined by the natural evolution process and perfecting of every step on the way to be a leader.



Production of refrigerants

In the time of world’s globalization, factories must be placed in the countries with the lowest level of corruption and bureaucracy, affordable labor and raw material markets.

China is such a country in the production of refrigerants.EcoFrost cooperates only with those manufactures, which implemented system of quality management ISO 9001.

Manufactures should operate advanced facilities and to be top-rated in the industry.



Photo production